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BrowseBlast Plus is the Most Powerful Web Accelerator & Content Filter Available!

Browsing the Internet with a dial-up connection can be painfully slow. In fact, 90% of all Internet users complain their dial-up connection is too slow. Fasten your seatbelt! BrowseBlast Plus is an exciting new subscription-based product that lets you surf the Internet up to 6 times faster, and protect your family from offensive websites all in one product! BrowseBlast Plus turns dial-up connections virtually into broadband and makes broadband connections really take off.
View a demonstration here!

How to Get BrowseBlast Plus

BrowseBlast Plus is included when you sign up for Internet service with Sign up today to get Enhanced Internet service with the BrowseBlast Plus Web Accelerator for only $20.99/mo!

Tell Me More About It!
Fasten Your Seatbelt!
  • BrowseBlast Plus speeds up your Internet connection, by up to 6 times.

  • BrowseBlast Plus lets you browse the net at near-DSL speeds, at a fraction of the price. BrowseBlast Plus will protect your family from offensive websites all in one product

  • Continuous monitoring and protection even if you change browsers. Kids are protected.

  • You get high-speed data transmission without the high speed cost.

  • BrowseBlast Plus doesn't alter your current software. It's non-intrusive.

  • Easy to install and runs seamlessly after you've dialed up.

  • Lets users specify the desired image quality and in turn, the speed of surfing.

  • View a demonstration here!

Before you download, you will need:

  • Internet Connection: Normally Dial-up
  • Browser: IE 5+ or Netscape Navigator 4.7. Opera or Mozilla require additional configuration.
  • Windows OS: Pentium PC 200MHz or better with Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP (Mac and Linux are currently not supported).
  • Available Disk space: 5 MB
  • System Memory (RAM): 64 MB of RAM recommended

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